Chad Schapiro, our Founder and Lead Trainer at NLL grew up in the Midwest, studied in London and graduated from University Of Wisconsin with a Business Degree in 3 majors: Marketing, Management, and International Business. He learned the value of hard work and integrity at a young age and has been in business over 20 years leading, building, inspiring and training teams all over the globe. Chad helped create the fastest growing privately held company in the United States of America within 5 short years. Seeing a huge opportunity in technology he began working with companies to develop successful online home-based business models. He is currently the CEO and owner of a successful global internet company for over 15 years.


Prior to meeting Founder and Leader Training of Next Level Leadership, Chad Schapiro, my biggest goal in life was to be a professional football player.  I went to a Big Ten University and played college football.  After graduating and playing in a couple All-Star games, my football career was over and began working in retail, selling shoes.  I was referred to the industry of Network Marketing through a co-worker, which led me to Chad Schapiro.  I am forever grateful to have met Mr. Schapiro, ,as he has taught me so much about success, determination, perseverance, and hard work.  NLL is an incredible training company helping people worldwide to develop into successful leaders.


When I met NLL Founder and Lead Trainer Chad Schapiro, I thought I had already been there and done that, lol. My ego was certainly bigger than my bank account. I had Loved my ballerina and actor careers, and also working with a Non Profit for 13 years. I loved helping people, but I was the one needing help. Mr Chad Schapiro was the caring Mentor who would allow me to take another look at myself, to look deep, to start over, and to really really grow as a person, and in my network marketing business. Thankful does not describe how I feel about this man, who has done millions in business, helped and led non profits around the world, has been changing lives for decades, and is just getting started! So honoured to be part of Chad Schapiro’s Next Level Leadership. Thank you.


Erica Schapiro has a masters in counseling and has counseled individuals, children and families in multiple settings including a psychiatric hospital, private practice and working with foster children. For many years she has worked in various capacities alongside her husband Chad Schapiro in business and ministry. Erica is currently Co-Pastor of Ignite Community Church and loves empowering people to step out beyond their fears and comfort zone to fulfill the purpose God has for them.


Javier Pulido, native of Columbia graduated with a computer science Degree from University of Houston and is Microsoft & Cisco Certified. He is the President and owner at 10X Coaching since 2012. Javier became a Certified Chaplain in 2017 with International Fellowship of Chaplains and sits on the Board of Directors for the largest YMCA in San Antonio.