NLL/OurGV Inc. is founded upon simple yet powerful principal


  • As an Independent Member of NLL/OurGV Inc. I agree to uphold the integrity of the company. I will be honest and fair in all my dealings while acting as an Independent Member of NLL/OurGV Inc.
  • I will work hard to conduct all my business affairs in a professional manner.
  • I will be respectful to every person I come into contact with, whether in person, by phone, email, instant message, or otherwise during the course of building my NLL/OurGV Member Business.
  • I will fulfill my leadership responsibilities to any customers, or members I personally refer, and make sure they are taught how to access the NLL/OurGV Inc. online training system. I will also provide support to the best of my ability to all the members and customers in my straight line customer revenue system, as well as fellow teammates on the NLL/OurGV Inc. Business Team.
  • I agree that my name, pictures, video, and other likenesses can be used by the company in different marketing media.
  • I will not misrepresent the NLL/OurGV Inc. Member Compensation Plan, business tools, products, or services, nor will I engage in any other deceptive or illegal practice while affiliated and/or representing NLL/OurGV Inc.
  • I will conduct my NLL/OurGV Independent Member Business in such a way as to respect the products, services, and professionalism of other companies. I realize that affiliate marketing is an exciting way of bringing a vast array of products and services to the marketplace, and that NLL/OurGV Inc. seeks to never speak negatively about any reputable marketing companies that are truly furthering the cause of personal independence and true financial freedom.
  • I will remember, at all times, that only through high quality service, to my customers, members, and entire worldwide Straight Line Customer Revenue System, along with a long-term commitment to hard work, self-development, and the success of my team, can real success be truly manifested.
  • I will be sure to follow all of NLL/’s policies & procedures listed below and teach my team to do the same.

Policies And Procedures

These Policies and Procedures govern the way Members conduct business with NLL/OurGV Inc., other Members, Customers, and the general public. This document, in conjunction with the NLL/OurGV Inc. Member Application, the NLL/OurGV Inc. Compensation Plan, and the NLL/OurGV Inc. Refund Policy, comprise the complete Contract between you and NLL/OurGVInc. Failure to comply with the provisions of these documents may result in termination of Member or Customer status and forfeit your rights to receive compensation of any type. NLL/OurGV Inc. reserves the right to modify or amend these Policies and Procedures, the Compensation Plan, the Refund Policy and the Member Application at any time. Any changes or modifications shall automatically become part of your Contract with us. Each document contains a version date and Members are responsible for being in compliance with the most recent version of each document.

1. The Company.
NLL/OurGV Inc., also hereinafter referred to as the “Company,” is an e-commerce website hosting, online shopping, offline rewards, small business success coaching & training, and small business support, and non-profit support company providing affiliate based reseller opportunities for businesses, non-profits, and individuals. NLL/OurGV Inc. develops, innovates, brings to market, and refers products, services, and training programs both online and offline for small businesses, members, and customers. NLL/OurGV Inc. operates web sites under the names,,,,,,,, with more in development stages.

2. Definitions.
Member – An individual, partnership, corporation or other legally recognized entity that has completed an NLL/OurGV Inc. Member Agreement, and selected an NLL/OurGV Inc. website hosting package. A Member is essentially an independent business of its own reselling NLL/OurGV Inc. products & services for either a one-time or ongoing share of the revenue. Individuals are considered independent contractors.

Business Volume (BV) – Business Volume is used, to calculate how Member Websites earn bonuses. Customers and Members making purchases through Merchant Partners (see below) at the NLL/OurGV Inc. Online Shopping Mall or thru the NLL/OurGV offline rewards program generate Business Volume. See the NLL/OurGV Member Compensation Plan for details.

Cash Rebates – Cash paid to a Customer, Member, or an NLL/OurGV approved Non-Profit for purchases of products or services from the NLL/OurGV Inc. Mall and/or offline shopping rewards Merchant Partners.

Compensation Plan –  NLL/OurGVInc.’s Member Compensation Plan, which governs the payments of cash rebates, bonuses, and profit sharing from the Company to Members, Customers, and Non-Profits. The Compensation Plan is proprietary to NLL/OurGV Inc. and may be used and disclosed only in the course of NLL/OurGV Inc. business. Any unauthorized use or disclosure is strictly prohibited.

Contract – The agreement between a Member or Customer and NLL/OurGV Inc. comprised of these Policies and Procedures, the NLL/OurGV Inc. Member Application, the NLL/OurGV Inc. Member Compensation Plan and the NLL/OurGV Inc. Refund Policy.

Customer – An individual, partnership, corporation, non-profit, or other legally recognized entity that purchases products or services through the NLL/OurGV Inc. Mall or offline rewards program from a Merchant Partner, but who is not also a Member.

Merchant Partner – A third-party vendor that provides products or services to the NLL/OurGV Inc. Mall and/or offline shopping rewards program through a link from the NLL/OurGV Inc. Mall to the Vendor’s Store or directly at the store itself utilizing the NLL/OurGV Offline Rewards Program.

Non-Profit BV’s – These BV’s are handled and treated differently for purposes of compensation. NLL/OurGV Members must be “Certified” in order to be eligible for compensation on these BV’s. For specific details refer to the NLL/OurGV Compensation Plan.

Merchant BV’s – These BV’s are handled and treated differently for purposes of compensation. NLL/OurGV Members must be “Certified” in order to be eligible for compensation on these BV’s. For specific details refer to the NLL/OurGV Compensation Plan.

Website Package – NLL/OurGV Inc. members and customers have several different website packages to choose from. Each package provides different immediate & ongoing benefits. As NLL/OurGV Inc. members develop their own online and rewards businesses other benefits become available based on the productivity of their website, and the length of time they have been either actively shopping or building a member business.

3. Becoming an NLL/OurGV Inc. Member
To become a Member, you must must complete and submit an NLL/ Member Application through an NLL/OurGV Inc. member web site. A Member has been accepted once the Company has received their completed Member Agreement. Monthly hosting fees must be paid in order to maintain member status (unless a free website package was selected). The Company reserves the right to accept or reject, at its sole discretion, any individual or business entity as a Member.

When a completed Member Application is submitted through the web site, the Company will assign a Website Identification Number. This number provides the Member with access to the NLL/OurGV Inc. web center and shopping mall. The Tax Identification Number provided on the Member Application shall be used for identification of the Member with respect to the appropriate taxing authorities. For a corporation or partnership, the Member Application must also include the name and information of a primary individual that is authorized to conduct business for the corporation or partnership.

4. Restrictions on Becoming a Member
An applicant must be at least 18 years of age, or at least the age of legal contractual capacity in the jurisdiction of which they are a resident.

The spouse of an existing Member is considered a part of the same existing Member business and may not apply for a separate identification number. In the case of two existing Associates marrying, the Company will not cause the Members to abandon any of their businesses. Both the husband and wife will be allowed to keep his and her existing business. Upon divorce or legal separation of Members, NLL/OurGV Inc. shall be notified in appropriate legal form regarding the disposition of the relevant business.

5. Transfer/Assignment of a Member Business.
A Member may not sell, assign or transfer his or her business without written application and subsequent approval by NLL/OurGV Inc. All offers and signatures pertaining to the sale of a business must be notarized. A Member who sells his or her business shall not be eligible to rejoin as an NLL/OurGV Inc. Member for a period of six months without special approval. NLL/OurGV Inc. reserves the right to disapprove any sale.

6. Death or Incapacity.
Upon the death or incapacitation of a Member, NLL/OurGV Inc. shall be notified in appropriate legal form regarding the disposition of the business. All Member’s rights, compensation and responsibilities shall pass to the Member’s heirs upon written notification and approval of NLL/OurGV Inc.

7. Initial Purchase Requirement. (Not Applicable)
No purchase of any kind is required to be a Customer or Member with NLL/OurGV Inc. Any and all purchases are made at the sole discretion of the Customer or Member.

Members choosing to purchase an NLL/OurGV Inc. paid website such as the Preferred Customer, or the Premier Business Website, understand these are different website and business options available to enhance the revenue sharing opportunities as well as increase the number of tools and resources available to build a successful member business.

8. Refund Policies.
All purchases of products or services made by Customers and Members through the NLL/OurGV Inc. Mall are made between the Customer or Member and the NLL/OurGV Inc. Mall Merchant Partner. The refund or exchange policies are determined at the sole discretion of the Merchant Partner from which the product or service is purchased. NLL/OurGVInc. and the NLL/OurGV Inc. Mall are not responsible for any aspect of a transaction between a Customer or Member and a Merchant Partner through their Mall Store, other than to pay Cash Rebates earned by Customers and Members according to the schedule located at the NLL/OurGV Inc. online Shopping Mall.

The refund policy for the purchase of any of NLL/OurGV Inc.’s Website Packages or monthly hosting autoships is as follows:

All setup fees and any Rebates are considered to be non-refundable. The unused portion of the month someone requests to cancel their website hosting will be refunded minus any rebates that have already been paid out. In order to account for the occasional unforseen circumstance, NLL/OurGVInc. has the following standard in place, however consideration for this will be strictly on a case by case basis: ONLY WITHIN 14 days from date of purchase = 100% of purchase price minus any rebates that have already been paid out minus 10% for processing, paperwork, and technical support to restructure your website 15+ days from date of purchase = No Refunds except for the unused hosting during the month a cancellation is requested. Refunds must be requested in writing by postal mail or fax to NLL/OurGV Inc, any inquiry needs to be initiated through customer service email and telephone. Please allow up to 21 business days to process and refund requests that are accepted. The NLL/OurGV Inc. Fax Number is 512-646-7089.

A2S Advanced Training Fees are Non-Refundable: Any website package purchased that included an A2S Advanced Training will have the appropriate amount equal to the A2S Advanced Training deducted from any refund.

Effect of Refunds on Bonuses, Revenues, Straight Line Customer Revenue System, Etc. : When a Customer or Member requests a refund of a product or service through the Merchant Partner it was purchased from, NLL/OurGV Inc. will reduce sales amounts accordingly for all websites who earned any income from the transaction for the appropriate month and amount of refund in order to properly reduce any Bonuses, Rebates, Straight Line Customer Revenue System, or other revenue paid. Any special bonuses such as the Benjamin Bonus or the $5,000 bonus will be forfeit in the event of refunds.

In the rare event that a Customer or Member is scheduled to be paid or has already been paid as a result of sales for which a refund is made for any reason, NLL/OurGV Inc. reserves the right to adjust any unmailed bonus check, adjust current sales volumes, or require the Customer or Member to repay bonuses already paid to him/her on those products or services which were refunded.

9. Referring Member Website Standards.
Changing referring Members is not allowed. The only possible exception will be in the case where unethical or unprofessional methods were employed and NLL/OurGV Inc. is forced to remedy the situation.

It is possible at some point that more than one individual may contact the same potential new Customer or Member resulting in a dispute over referral rights. NLL/OurGV Inc. will not mediate such disputes and will recognize the Member Website that first registered the aforementioned customer or member as the official referring website.

Members must perform bonafide support duties in order to maintain their referral status over any customers, members, non-profits, and/or website partners personally referred. Lack of support and communication is grounds for suspension and loss of personal referral status. Any personal referrals lost due to suspension automatically roll to NLL/OurGV Inc. to decide the best possible placement for ongoing support. If NLL/OurGV Members above the personally referring member have been working directly with the team of the suspended member they will be first in line to receive the personal referral status themselves. This is solely up to the discretion of NLL/OurGV Inc. to determine who should receive the suspended member’s referrals.

10. Territories.
NLL/OurGV Inc. does not recognize any exclusive territories. Therefore, Members are not restricted from conducting business anywhere in the countries in which NLL/OurGV Inc. operates.

11. Conditions of the NLL/OurGV Member Compensation Plan
NLL/OurGV Inc.’s Member Compensation Plan can be found on our Internet site at and is deemed part of these Policies and Procedures. Certain rules and regulations relating to the application and administration of the Compensation Plan are noted below.

a) So that we may verify information needed to pay rebates and bonuses, all NLL/OurGV Inc. Members must provide NLL/OurGV Inc. with a valid postal address. If a Customer or Member fails to provide the necessary information, we will make every reasonable effort to obtain the information. If, however, we are unable to obtain the information, and thus are unable to pay any accrued rebates and bonuses, all such payments will be considered forfeited by the Customer or Member one-year after our first request for the information.

b) NLL/OurGV Inc. and our Merchant Partners set bonuses, negotiated commissions, straight line customer revenue system and rebate percentages. NLL/OurGV Inc. and the Merchant Partners reserve the right to modify these bonuses, negotiated commissions, profit sharing, and rebates at any time for any reason.

c) Bonuses, negotiated commissions, straight line customer revenue system, and rebate percentages are based solely on the BV’s of the product or service, not including shipping, tax, and gift-wrapping, etc.

d) NLL/OurGV Inc. reserves the right to modify or change the NLL/OurGV Member Compensation Plan at any time without prior notification.

e) NLL/OurGV Inc. reviews the entire organizational structure of Customers and Members as of the close of business each Sunday at Midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST). Orders that have verified confirmation of payment received are included in the bonus cycle. Bonus checks for website package, business tool, monthly hosting, and training sales, for the selling website and that websites referring website are mailed two weeks later for any amounts greater than $13 (USD). If a Customer or Member has not reached that amount at the end of a pay period, the account balance carries forward to the next end of the month profit-sharing period. Cash rebate checks for shopping are mailed out around the 25th of the month following the month when said rebates were earned for amounts greater than $13. All checks processed will have a $2.50 fee deducted to help cover the administrative, processing, checks, banking, and package costs of checks. The balance of checks that are less than $13 for any given pay period will be carri d forward until $13 is earned at such time the check will be paid out.

f) Members who are not residents of the United States are required to determine, and by application to become an NLL/OurGV Inc. Member do certify to the Company, that participation in the NLL/OurGV Member Compensation Plan, in accordance with these Polices and Procedures and the NLL/OurGV Member Compensation Plan itself, including receipt of bonuses under the NLL/OurGV Member Compensation Plan, is lawful in the jurisdiction(s) where the Member resides, is domiciled, or conducts business.

g) To ensure bonuses and rebates are earned and credited correctly, NLL/OurGV Inc. Customers and Members must place all orders online via the NLL/OurGV Inc. Mall web site. In addition, for orders placed through certain Merchant Partners, Customers and Members may also be required to forward the order confirmation to Requirements for each Merchant Partner are posted at NLL/OurGV Inc. Mall prior to making the connection to that Partner through the NLL/OurGV Inc. Mall.

h) For Paid Customer/Member Websites, Monthly hosting fees must be paid in order to keep a spot in the NLL/OurGV Inc. Straight Line Customer Revenue System and current rank status. For websites not required to pay a monthly hosting fee, a certain level of activity is required. Failure to meet these minimum activity requirements, will result in being moved to a lower spot in the straight line customer revenue system and possible deletion. It is the Sole Responsibility of the Member to make sure NLL/OurGV Inc. has current payment information on file. In the event that an NLL/OurGV Member’s monthly hosting declines they have 7 days to fix it, or they may lose their spot in the NLL/OurGV Straight Line Customer Revenue System. NLL/OurGV Inc. is not responsible for any banking, credit card, or other unforseen issues that may cause a Member’s hosting fees to not remain current. Make sure that NLL/OurGV has a current email address and phone number on file. Free Customer, and Preferred Customer Websites must have at least 1 BV of activity each month or their website can be deleted. (Special Note: Free Customers lose their spot in the Profit-Sharing System if not upgraded by Sunday Midnight P.S.T.)

i) Due to U.S. Taxation Laws, we will be unable to send ANY compensation to members, customers, non-profit organizations, or merchants without having received proper tax identification. We will hold funds for a MAXIMUM of 30 days after which if poper identification i.e. social security number or E.I.N. is not received all compensation will be forfeit.

j) It should be duly noted that all referred members have a responsibility to act in a professional, positive, and courteous manner. Negative actions, comments, remarks, etc. will not be tolerated.

k) The NLL/OurGV Straight Line Customer Revenue System involves a large number of variables on a monthly basis. It is also requires an incredibly complex usage of higher math functions to sort out the thousands of different merchant commissions, tens of thousands and growing members, dozens and growing countries, and fluctuating profitability of the company. Therefore no specific monetary claims are made by the company, and should not be made by any NLL/OurGV Member. The necessary algorithms developed to handle this incredible program are considered to be proprietary, and as such are 100% confidential.

12. Income Representations.
Members shall not make any false or misleading statements about their own or any other Member’s income. All NLL/OurGV Inc. Members are strictly prohibited from making any income claims.

The NLL/OurGV Inc. Business is a performance-based business that rewards people in direct proportion to their effort. The bigger the financial goal, the more time and effort an NLL/OurGV Business Member will need to put into his or her business. With an NLL/OurGV Inc. Business, one can work as much or little as he or she likes. The rewards are based directly on the actual production of your website. Even though one can benefit from the NLL/OurGV Straight Line Customer Revenue System, in almost all cases it will still require individual effort to become successful.

13. Expenses, Licensing and Contractual Obligations.
All Members are independent contractors and are responsible for any and all expenses and liabilities that result from operating their business. These expenses include, but are not limited to, licenses required to operate a business, legal costs and fees, telephone expenses, advertising, travel, etc. Associates have no authority to enter into contracts or otherwise incur obligations on behalf of NLL/OurGV Inc.

Members are strictly independent marketers and resellers of NLL/OurGV Website Hosting, NLL/OurGV Online Shopping, NLL/OurGV Business Tools, NLL/OurGV Training & Coaching, Miscellaneous other NLL/OurGV current and future products & services, and the NLL/OurGV Offline Rewards Program, and are not purchasers of a franchise or a distributorship. The Contract between NLL/OurGV Inc. and a Member does not create an employer/employee relationship, agency, partnership or joint venture between the Company and the Member. The Member has no authority to bind NLL/OurGV Inc. to any obligation. Each Member shall indemnify and hold blameless NLL/OurGV Inc. from any claims, damages, or liabilities arising out of the Member’s activity.

14. Limitation of Liability.
In no event shall NLL/OurGV Inc. be liable for lost profits or any special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the Contract. NLL/OurGV Inc. is not liable for lost profits due to failure of Members to follow the published procedures for obtaining bonuses, rebates, profit-sharing, and maintaining their spot in the NLL/OurGV Straight Line Customer Revenue System.

15. Ethics.
Members must comply with all federal, state/provincial and municipal laws regarding the Member’s business and must not engage in any unlawful or illegal trade practices or business activity. Members shall conduct their business in a manner that reflects the highest standards of honesty, integrity and responsibility towards Customers, other Members, NLL/OurGV Inc. and the general public. NLL/OurGV Inc. recognizes its reputation and public image to be a major asset and will guard against unacceptable behavior by those Members who step beyond the boundaries of good business ethics. OurGV Inc. will intercede to correct unethical activity on the part of any Member. Verified unethical activities will be justifiable cause for termination of their member business.

16. New Customer or Member Referral.
All presentations of NLL/OurGV Inc.’s Member Compensation Plan shall be conducted in conformity with information contained in official Company literature or from NLL/OurGVInc.’s web site, specifically

17. Prices and Product Availability.
Prices for products & services offered by NLL/OurGV Inc. are completely within the control and discretion of NLL/OurGV Inc. Prices for products offered by our Merchant Partners at the NLL/OurGV Inc. Mall or in the NLL/OurGV Offline Rewards Program are completely within the control and discretion of our Merchant Partners. All product details may be changed at any time. We will update product information and prices on our web site when appropriate. You may not display product prices on your web site without express written permission. NLL/OurGV Inc. and the Merchant Partners will display all prices on products available at the NLL/OurGV Inc. web site, the NLL/OurGV Inc. Mall web site or on their sites. NLL/OurGV Inc. cannot guarantee availability of all products for sale or shipment, and the Company will endeavor to note any limitations on availability on the NLL/OurGV Inc. online Mall web site.

18. Warranty.
For specific warranty information please refer to the appropriate Merchant Partner’s refund and warranty policy. The purchase of a product or service is a transaction between the Merchant Partner and the Customer or Member and therefore no warranty of such products or services by NLL/OurGV Inc. is expressed or implied.

19. Regulatory Approval.
No Member shall state or imply that the promotion, operation or organization of NLL/OurGV Inc. has been approved, sanctioned, or endorsed by any regulatory authority. NLL/OurGVInc. is a current member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Online and the Better Business Bureau of San Antonio, Texas.

20. Website Cancellation.
Due to the power of the NLL/OurGV Straight Line Customer Revenue System, Members must send written and signed notification by postal mail, ideally notarized, to NLL/OurGV Inc. at P.O. Box 29554 San Antonio, TX 78229. Under special circumstances we will accept a Fax with signature if a legible copy of a Driver’s License or other form of government approved identification to verify signature is included. NLL/OurGV Inc. reserves the right to suspend any member website for violations of its policies and procedures and/or unethical behavior. Upon cancellation, the Member forfeits any unpaid bonuses and rebates.

21. Termination.
NLL/OurGV Inc. may elect in its sole discretion to terminate a Member for just cause at any time. Review NLL/OurGV Inc.’s Enforcement Procedures for more details regarding termination. Events which may cause the Company to terminate a Member include but are not limited to:
a. Breach of the Contract as amended or modified from time to time.
b. Making unauthorized claims or misrepresentations or discrediting NLL/OurGV Inc.
c. Producing unauthorized promotional materials.
d. Fraudulent or other illicit and illegal activities with regard to the NLL/OurGV Inc. business.
e. Making negative and/or disparaging remarks or comments about NLL/OurGV Inc., it’s websites, members, or officers.
f. Failure to adhere to the NLL/OurGV Code of Ethics.

Termination of a Member terminates any and all rights to bonuses, rebates, referral dollars, or any other incentives, and will be effective upon notification of termination to the offending Member by NLL/OurGV Inc. The Company reserves the right to negotiate terms other than termination for violation of these Policies and Procedures.

22. Taxes on Products and Services.
Federal, state/province, county, and local governments levy sales taxes. Where sales taxes are applicable, the referred Merchant Partner collects those taxes from the Customer or Member when the product or service is ordered.

23. Income Taxes.
NLL/OurGV Inc. does not deduct any taxes from the payments it sends to Members. On or before established dates of each year, NLL/OurGV Inc. provides the Member and the appropriate governmental agency a form that reflects the total paid to the Member by NLL/OurGV Inc. during the previous year. However, due to international laws, taxes may be deducted by NLL/OurGV Inc. from foreign earnings and submitted to domestic governments in accordance with such regulations. All forms, correspondence, checks, etc., will be mailed to your most current address on file. It is the Member’s responsibility to inform NLL/OurGV Inc. in a timely manner of any change of mailing address. Failure to keep your mailing address current with NLL/OurGV Inc. may result in forfeiture of rebates, bonuses, or other compensation.

24. Waiver.
No waiver by NLL/OurGV Inc. of any right under the Contract shall constitute a waiver of any other or further right. Any waiver by NLL/OurGV Inc. must be in writing and signed by an officer of NLL/OurGV Inc.

25. Use of Company Name.
The Company name, trademark and logos can only be used if written consent is obtained from NLL/OurGV Inc. This written consent must come directly from NLL/OurGV Inc. and have received corporate approval.

26. Advertising.
All advertising, copy, direct mailing, radio, television, newspaper, Internet and display copy must be approved by NLL/OurGV Inc. before being disseminated or published. Members may not represent OurGV Inc. in the media without the express written consent of NLL/OurGV Inc. All media inquiries are to be referred immediately to NLL/OurGV Inc.

27. Proprietary Rights.
NLL/OurGV Inc. reserves ownership rights including without limitation all copyrights and trademarks to the contents of all Company-produced materials including but not limited to literature and information contained on NLL/OurGV Inc.’s Internet web sites. Any unauthorized use or reproduction by any means is strictly prohibited.

28. Confidentiality.
NLL/OurGV Inc. may supply Members product information, data processing information, and other reports containing information concerning a Members organization, bonuses, and product sales. All information regarding the identity of purchasers, the products purchased by such purchasers, the sales amounts generated by purchasers, the identity of Customers and Members in the sales organization of any Member, and the amount of sales and bonuses generated by other Members in such organization belong solely to NLL/OurGV Inc., are proprietary and confidential, constitute trade secrets of, and may not be used by or disclosed to any person or entity other than the intended recipient of the report or reports from NLL/OurGV Inc. Any reports and information furnished to Members by NLL/OurGV Inc. may be used only by Members for the purpose of promoting sales of the products and services offered by NLL/OurGV Inc. and/or the Merchant Partners and may not be used in connection with any other business or activity, or to compete with NLL/OurGV Inc. directly or indirectly, or in any manner that would be considered unlawful.

29. Prerecorded Telephone Solicitation.
The use of Company names or materials may not be made with automatic calling devices to solicit Customers or Members.

30. Mass E-Mail or Spamming.
Sending mass e-mail or spamming is strictly prohibited. This includes sending multiple copies of any unwanted or unrequested e-mail, even if executed through newsgroups, purchased mailing lists, or third-person distributors. If a Member in any way participates in the act of spamming, that Member will receive a warning via e-mail. If the Member fails to respond within 24 hours with an agreement to cease sending such e-mails, the Member will be immediately suspended facing possible termination, all Member bonuses and rebates will be withheld, and the Member web site and any other Member benefits will be revoked. If a Member replies with an agreement to cease sending mass e-mails but continues to do so, the above penalties will be invoked immediately and without further warning, and termination will be a possible consequence.

31. Partial Invalidity.
Should any portion of the Contract, or any other instruments referred herein or issued by NLL/OurGV Inc. be declared invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the balance of such instruments shall remain in full force and effect.

32. Compliance.
It is mandatory that all Polices and Procedures must be complied with. These regulations have been established to protect the rights of NLL/OurGV Inc., the Member, and the Members Customers. Infractions are considered very serious and will be addressed accordingly.

33. Monthly Web Hosting Fees.
Website packages that require a monthly hosting fee, must make sure their hosting fees are current. It is the Member’s responsibility to keep their payment information current. At the end of each calendar month any websites that have zero BV’s and/or issues with their monthly hosting will be rolled down to the bottom of the NLL/OurGV Straight Line Customer Revenue System. 30 days without paying, may result in suspension of the website, followed by termination and potential deletion from the NLL/OurGV Straight Line Customer Revenue System.

34. Jurisdiction.
This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas and any claims or disputes between the parties to this Agreement shall be brought in Bexar County Court, in San Antonio, Texas, or in the U.S. District Court in San Antonio, Texas.

35. Activity Requirements.
Free Customer Websites will have until Sunday Midnight P.S.T. regardless of start date, to upgrade. If at such time, they have not done so, their spot in the NLL/OurGV Straight Line Customer Revenue System is forfeit and they will be rolled down to the bottom. Other websites not required to pay a monthly hosting fee, must generate at least 1 BV every month, or lose their spot in the NLL/OurGV Straight Line Customer Revenue System and face deletion. If a member has accumulated a minimum of 1BV cumulative, then we will see this on our computer report and therefore find their original referring member and make the necessary changes, or in certain cases, a Top 20 Leader emails our service department regarding this inquiry. Special Note: Due to the complexity of the new NLL/OurGVStraight Line Customer Revenue System, any website not generating BV’s during any calendar month, may be rolled down to the bottom of the Straight Line Customer Revenue System. NLL/OurGV is not responsible for websites rolled to the bottom of the Straight Line Customer Revenue System due to payment issues with monthly hosting. At the end of each calendar month, any websites with zero BV’s are subject to losing their spot & possible deletion, while Free Customers lose their spot every week unless upgraded by Midnight P.S.T. on Sundays.

a. Not maintaining monthly hosting can also result in the loss of any personally referred websites and all compensation past, present, and future on those personally referred websites. The only exception to the hosting rule is to generate a minimum of 15 BV’s worth of NEW personal volume in a calendar month. This NEW volume must be generated by website sales, website upgrades, or shopping. Any month this requirement is not met can and will result in a loss of any personally referred websites, permanently.

b. Free Customer websites do not have any monthly hosting requirements to maintain their individual websites, BUT if they are referring personal websites then they must either get on monthly hosting, or meet the monthly 15 BV’s of new personal volume requirement listed above, or they will lose any personally referred websites, permanently.

36. Amendments.
NLL/OurGV Inc. reserves the right to modify or amend terms of the Contract from time to time at its sole discretion without prior notification. By agreeing to the Member Application, the Associate agrees to abide by any such amendments.

Last reviewed January 2021