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Next Level Leadership (NLL) is an international training company created for leaders in all stages of their leadership journey. Whether you’re a new leader or seeking to enhance and support your great leadership skills, NLL will teach you key success principles and strategies. We provide mentorship from supportive and inspirational leaders who have had success in creating millions of dollars in sales, as well as leading and consulting non-profit organizations for decades.

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NLL’s Mission

The mission of Next Level Leadership is to ensure that our clients have the best most successful results in every area of their lives, companies and
personal goals.

We have turned traditional sales training into an empowerment program providing the most effective training around the world that most closely meets the needs of each client organization, sales team, and individual salesperson. We have the finest top trainers committed to helping us execute our mission.

Next Level Leadership it truly the next level in so many ways! The next level in leadership development, the next level in encouragement, the next level in self improvement and the next level in adding positive affirmation into the world! In over 20 years in a corporate environment I NEVER met a leader like Chad Schapiro who has a heart to teach what he has learned and who define personal success by how much success you help to create for other people. Thank you for this amazing program!

I am so excited to learn about NLL. It is rare to have a program that offers training in
all areas in personal life as well as work life. The opportunity to have training in leadership, health and wellness, spiritual and so much more all equal success to the person who applies the principles, all found through NLL under the amazing trainer, Mr. Chad Schapiro!

Ms. Ardie Wahl

Mr. Schapiro has help change my life, to make myself a better person I have been going to a counselor who teaches principle based change in my life. Every time I listen to Mr. Schapiro, he drives home the same principles, and the need to persevere in all I do. Thank you for not only helping me in my business, but more importantly my life.

Mr. Neal Jorgenson

I am so excited about NLL. I see how it’s helping people grow, and believe that they can make a huge different in the world today and see their dreams come true. It also reminds us that we must have Faith in all that we do. Thank you Mr. Schapiro for your Leadership. God Bless!!!

I am truly honored and blessed to say for the last 15 years of my life I have been able to be mentored and coached by Mr. Chad Schapiro. Without him I would not be in position to be my own boss and live the lifestyle of freedom while helping others do the same. His style of communication with me has helped me apply principles and sound leadership tools to my life I forever will be grateful for this experience and life! I am a better person for knowing him and a better business man for the system and education he has given me gracefully!!!. Thank you for from my family to yours for what you share in training and life from your heart daily.

Mr. Mark Christensen

Besides my father, no one has made such an impact on my life as Mr. Schapiro has done. Mr. Schapiro is a brilliant and successful entrepreneur with a mission to help others. He has been changing peoples' lives for over twenty years. He helps me to inspire others every single day.

Mr. John Bisbal

Next Level Leadership has the people at the top with the utmost Integrity and Love, the most essential things in my mind and heart. Mr. Chad Schapiro has demonstrated that for the last several decades, over and over, and I could not be more honored -besides his magnificent documentation of decades in helping people be all that they can be- to be part of NLL that is led by such tremendous Leaders and Helpers of the World. Thank you will be never be enough, so I will try to demonstrate my thankfulness by sharing NLL and the teachings of Mr. Schapiro, with the whole world!